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What We Do Here
and Who We Are:

We Bake Bread.

(We leave the baking of sweet pastries, cookies and cakes to others)

Who we are includes anyone that contributes to this site about yeast bread baking.

We want you to join in and contribute your baking knowledge to this community.

When you join the site, if you wish to have an article of yours posted in our Blog,

email it with a photo  (if applicable) to:

All Members may post to the forums.

Many of the people that contribute to and frequent this site met through following ChainBaker

on his YouTube Channel.

ChainBaker, AKA Charlienot only teaches the HOW of baking, but he teaches the WHY. Along with recipes for bakes, he also has a series of videos called The Principles of Baking for beginning bakers. From weighing out ingredients to scoring your dough, it's all there for you to watch, listen and learn.

Bread Baking at Home is for the bakers that enjoy learning about and creating strictly yeast breads. It is also about sharing your recipes, knowledge and of course, your ups and downs of home baking. The great loaves we bake are the ones that keep us going back to the kitchen and pulling out our ingredients and supplies for the next great bread. Bake On!

Contact Bread Baking at Home

Thanks for your message.

Breads and Rolls
Fresh Bread
The Bread Board Office

Please visit the Bread Baking at Home Corporate Offices in the Bread Building. 

Tours upon request. 

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