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Our friend Charlie, Chainbaker, just released his first video on baking with freshly milled flour. Make Your First Freshly Milled Flour Bread

In his very informative video, he mentions one of his sources for information on home milling as Kevin from That knowledgeable baker, Kevin, is our featured writer on this site. 

Click this link and read Kevin’s article titled Milling or Grinding Grain at Home

Read the Newest Article in our Blog

by our Featured Writer, Kevin.

Part baker, part professor, part scientist and all around nice guy,

Kevin helps unlock the secret of working with sticky dough.

 The mystery of dough

not sticking

to the bench or hands: 

How to do this:

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A grumpy curmudgeonly man.jpg

Warning - Curmudgeon on Site!

It was bound to happen; it was just a matter of time. And it's always the same. Whether a newspaper, magazine or a website, sooner or later someone from Admin wants in on the content. 'I've got something on my mind and I want to state my case!' 'Oh no...boss, you don't want to do that. You might offend people.

Please, do what you do best - administrate.' 'You think I care if I offend anyone? You think I got here by playing Mr. Nice Guy? Get outta my office. Don't you have some Sourdough photos to take?! Beat it!'

Well, we tried. Meet The Boss: 

A grumpy curmudgeonly man.jpg

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